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About A1 Real Estate Budapest

A1 Real Estate is one of the premier real estate agencies in Hungary. We offer residential and commercial properties to local and international investors.

For its own benefit, and that of its clients, A1 Real Estate agency seizes the extraordinary opportunities which exist in owning real estate in the newly ascended Central European countries, specifically in the capital cities such as Budapest.

Such a strategy employed in the burgeoning Budapest real estate market (Hungary joined the EU in May, 2004), has historically produced per annum returns on investment in excess of 30% or more taking into account appreciation, rental income and modest renovations.

These returns are documented and are likely to accelerate as Hungary gains access to new markets and benefits from European grants as did Ireland when they joined the E. U. on the 1st of January 1973. Moreover, Budapest will be among the beneficiaries of the tens of millions of retiring foreign nationals, who over the next 10-20 years, will emigrate to lower their living costs. It has been estimated by the British Bank Alliance* that in the U.K. alone, fully 1/10th of the population - that is 6 million British nationals - will have done just that by the year 2020.

A1 Real Estate realized that with their intrinsic knowledge of the Hungarian, but more importantly the Budapest real estate market, that they would be in a prime position to pair up sellers from Hungary with astute investors from all across Western Europe and the United States . This is why they chose the best sales people from Ireland, the U.K., the U.S., Canada and all of Europe to assist them. This is a historic time for Hungary and brilliant money making opportunity for investors.


A1 Philosophy

Our mission:
A1 Group
was founded on the promotion of growth, for sales of new and used properties, in order to attain a market-leading position in the industry. We prioritise sales of current properties that draw a wider interest of the market. We are able to provide the most cost-conscious customer service, by combining the strengths of our international background and our consultants' professional knowledge of the local market.
In order to reach our goals we supply our clients with the most complete information and highest quality of service. As we actively maintain our customer database, we are also able to accurately present our partners' properties to our discerning clientele. Our purpose is to build up and operate a real estate consultant network, having a leadership position both professionally and morally.
We want to increase our profession's social reputation by adhering to our own high standards thus satisfying our business environment.

Our principles:
As co-workers of A1 Group we hold and represent the following principles in order to achieve our goals.
o Complete satisfaction for our clients, our company and our employees is included in the results of our everyday work
o We constantly aspire to maintain and increase the good reputation of our company and profession
o We continually expand our knowledge of the market, and share it with our colleagues when requested
o Our activity plans for the long term, hence we perform to a high ethical and professional level
o Any employee who does not adhere to our principles intentionally will not be a member of A1 Group team.

A1 Group

The parent company of this group is located in Switzerland. There are more than 20 associates working in the headquarters, and more than 100 employees in the branch offices around Budapest. A1 Group is represented by several professionals highly acclaimed in the business, experienced both as real estate agents and developers. They are thus able to use their extensive knowledge of the market for investment consultancy as well. A1's English, German, Spanish and French speaking teams look at and analyses this market through the eyes of the investors.

We are aware that people who turn to us have already made many reasonable decisions. We have a thorough methodology, going well beyond simply using standard analyses. Our experts continually keep abreast of current and competitive offers that make our partners able to distinguish among the members of real estate market. A1 provides its clients the most comprehensive service. Due to our experiences and professionalism we are an eligible partner in trust management and in reducing risks of creating a home.

A1 Group started its Hungarian operations in 2003, relying on a successful business plan to leverage respected members of the local market. A1 has been expanding the number of branches within the network, wholly owned by the parent company, since the beginning of 2006, with a final mission of opening and operating 30 real estate offices in the capital, and 10 more offices around the country.


A1 is a member of the Hungarian Real Estate Association


  • Hungary was the first Country in Central Europe to join the World Bank and IMF in 1982.
  • 70% of the total FDI (foreign direct investment) injected into Hungary is allocated to Budapest. Over 30 Billion euros have been injected since 1989, and the growth rate of FDI in 2003 reached 45%.
  • Hungary was the first Country in Central Europe to join NATO in 1999.
  • Hungary became a full member of the European Union on May 1st 2004.


As the interest in owning real estate in Budapest has grown- so have we!

We are happy to announce the opening of a grand, new office on Budapest's grandest street.

This new complex, the largest real estate office in the city, is located at the beginning of the stately, World Heritage designated Andrassy Street. Being situated on street level at number 3, opposite the site where the tour buses embark and return, it affords unsurpassed visibility. Moreover, we can now better service our present and future clientele, as all facets of the services we provide are more centrally located and consolidated. We hope you will stop by for a visit!




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