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The Dublin People - 23 June 2004

Hungary for New Property Opportunities

Hungary is the fastest growing economy of all the countries, which joined the EU on May 1.

Most of the activity is situated in and around Budapest – Hungary’s majestic capital, rich in history of culture. Situated on the mighty Danubem an important commercial artery, Budapest is a gateway city ideally located to serve as a hub for commerce and industry be it north, southm east or west.

Therefore it has attracted major multinational companies which have invested billions of euros in recent years.

In addition to attracting corporations, Budapest has become a prime destination for foreigners seeking capital appreciation on residential and commercial real estate.

Rising interest rates and a slowing capital gain in their own countrieshas signalled a shifting of investment into Budapest where significant capital appreciation opportunities abound.

Be it classical turn of the century flats or newly constructed ones, buyers are excited to be able to own investment real estate at prices one third to one sixth of the price of real estate in their own country (on average € 1 300 m2).

They can enjoy capital appreciation in excess of 20 per cent per annum and rental income of six to ten per cent for residential properties or commercial/retail real estate respectively.

A1 Real Estate in Budapest assists in all aspects of the pre and post purchase process including management and, if necessarry, refurbishment.


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